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I am s3xy.   
06:23pm 19/07/2003
mood: pleased
Hello. How are you all doing? I'm quite lovely. As usual. n_n

I finally got to see Mythy!! She's.. um.. different. o.o; I'll probably insist on her getting a makeover sometime. I don't know what gave her the idea that I'd look good running around with someone wearing orange and yellow.. ¬_¬ BUT.. she's still cute. I just have this horrible time talking to her.. I don't know why. It's like I can't.. say much! Maybe I'm just shy after not seeing her for so long. I'll warm up to her soon enough. Mwehehe.

Right.. so Mythy gave me a lot of neat weapons and things. How could she not? People see how beautiful I am, and they just give me things. Really. n_n I kinda wish I could have gotten them for myself, but.. I could've broke a nail or something that way. o_o;

The people on the ships are as crazy as ever.. most of them are likely insane. I'll have to mess with them more later when I'm having an easier time talking. But I did meet a fairly nice girl named Hikaru who apparently knows Mythy.. and she said I have a nice chest for a boy. I was so happy~ I'm just as s3xy as ever. ;D

Will write more some other time. n_n

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12:43pm 25/02/2003
mood: drunk
Long time no write in this.. uh.. thing. Contraption? Machine? What is this and who's reading it?! T_T

Anyway. Been having a pretty good time lately, although not the best it could be. I recently destroyed Dark Falz. Again. How many times must I do this before the thing stays dead!? I don't understand this. u_u

I've also finally cleared the uhh.. VR course.. thingies. What do you call them? I don't know, because I wasn't paying much attention to that weird lady when she was telling me what I had to do. I'm so much prettier than her. Maybe next time I'll tell her so. u_u; I've been hanging around in the jungle, beach, and mountain areas.. and I thought I shut down the uh.. whatevers.. but that.. um.. central area.. place.. isn't open. So I guess I missed something? Hmm. Will investigate later.

But those areas are very beautiful.. after you've killed all the screaming plants and freaky monkey-like things, it's even more so. I can't wait to take Mythy out on a date there so we can.. play. It's been so long.. wanna play with my wifey. >:3

I'm gonna go now and uh.. um.. yeah.. yeah! Bye. x.x

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"Fun" with KIREEK.   
06:51pm 06/02/2003
mood: cranky
Well, I must've been pretty bored the other day, because I signed on for a quest. At first I thought this KIREEK sounded pretty hotcool, but.. he's an android. -_- A pushy android, I might add.

So we're looking for some dumb kid down in the forest together.. and KIREEK keeps telling me what to do. Trying to get me to look at my "controller". Uhh.. yeah. He wouldn't let me look at his, so I dunno why I should have to look at mine. ¬_¬ (This whole part came out sounding wrong.. please ignore it. >_<)

I led him around in circles for awhile, but he didn't even seem to notice. He kept insulting my intelligence and then hanging behind me while I killed everything. Except for when he was standing right by something and didn't have to expend much effort, which was the only time he bothered to help. Stupid level 38 android thinks he's so hot. T_T

BAH. By the time we found the kid, I was ready to kill KIREEK. And the job only paid 500 meseta.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go see if there's a quest in which I can kill KIREEK for money. T_T;

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10:13am 03/02/2003
mood: irritated
Missed me, didn't you? >:b~~~

Sooo.. umm.. yeah. I'm Flea. I was dead for awhile, but now I'm back. I guess I was reincarnated or something, cuz things sure are weird around here. O_o

It's like I go to sleep for awhile.. then I wake up.. and I'm either back on regular old Pioneer 2 and Ragol.. or I'm in some other place that sorta LOOKS like Pioneer 2.. where there's this weird lady in the lab putting me through stupid VR courses. Which suck. But I'll talk about all that crap some either time, not in the mood for it now..

What I REALLY want to rant about is the fact that I'm rather ticked at the moment.. Seems like I can't use certain techniques that I used to be able to use in my "old" life. No Reverser? Or Megid? OR GRANTS?! What the hell. T_T So yes.. that's rather annoying. Okay, it's VERY annoying.

It's also getting kinda lonely.. there's no cute bois to chase.. and no Mythy (my wife) to play with when said bois run away from me screaming.. And making cute faces that only me and the Dimenians can see gets old before too long. -_-;

*sigh* I hope I can go out adventuring with other people again, and soon.

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